What to Consider When Choosing a Cerebral Palsy Attorney

Birth-related cerebral palsy is caused by many different things, such as insufficient oxygen in the womb, trauma shortly after breath, etc. According to the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 10,000 babies show signs of it year after year. There are cases where cause is purely natural, but sometimes, the medical staff are perfectly able to prevent it yet fail to do so, prompting parents to file charges.

Picking a Lawyer

If you are seeking CP damages for your child, choosing the right lawyer can make all the difference. Thus, you have to be careful when reviewing your options. When meeting an attorney for the first time, ask the right questions. For instance, how much of their practice has been dedicated to CP cases? You don’t just want them to have medical malpractice expertise; they should also be experienced with CP cases specifically.

Another thing you’d like to know is whether they’ve had more success with negotiations or at trials. For many families, a settlement is preferable, but it’s up to you which direction you would like to take – and make sure the lawyer goes with you.

Of course, verbal claims are not enough basis when deciding to hire a lawyer or not. You want to know their actual track record and they have to prove it. On of that, ask them about the most important cases they’ve worked on in the past, along with their overall success rate. You want a lawyer that will tell you everything you want to know.

Contingency Fee Payments

How you pay your CP lawyer also depends on you, and the choices are usually hourly, fixed (per case) and contingency. The most common choice is the third one – it means you don’t pay the lawyer anything until you receive your settlement or court award. Should the case be unsuccessful, you don’t have the obligation to pay the attorney. This is why personal injury lawyers, in general, are very picky with the cases they accept – they must ensure that these are airtight and winnable.

Personal Rapport

When talking to a lawyer for the first time, assess your comfort level and whether you’ll likely click as a team. If you think you make a bad pair, find yourself another attorney.

Take note that you’ll be spending quite some time together while working on your case; if you’re ill at ease around them, you won’t cooperate as needed and this can compromise the outcome of your case. Your instincts will play a huge role in this. If something feels wrong, don’t ignore it.

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